Casa da Veiga

About Casa da Veiga

Casa da Veiga is a traditional Minho house located in the Vale do Mouro, in the parish of Riba de Mouro, Municipality of Monção.

Without losing its vocation as a farmhouse, it was recovered and adapted to receive in comfort and tranquility those who “come for good”.

And it is for good that we invite you to get to know the land and to share with the people the landscapes and harmony of the rural Minho, the cuisine is as simple and wise as the people…

the stew, the rice in the brown sauce, the roast kid, the ham, the sausages, the tripe, which is sweet here … and then “let’s toast with green wine”.

Walks and walks through the village, the river beach in the summer, or bolder adventures to the Hermitages of Santo António de Val de Poldros and Senhora da Guia, with a unique landscape and heritage, guarantee to those who visit us an experience that we want unique!


Riba de Mouro is located on the slope of Serra da Peneda. Land with mountains, fields sown with maize, rye and wine cultivation, has been called, over time, Mou, S. Pedro de Mou or S. Pedro de Riba de Mouro. It is admitted that Riba de Mouro was founded as a parish between the 9th and 12th centuries, by the monks of the Monastery of Paderne. in_wikipedia

The first step of a project is to look for its meaning, to find the right direction to be able to develop it. It is very important to investigate its complexities, to relate the subject with the sender and the recipient in such a way that it makes sense for both. The brand “casa da veiga” has a concrete purpose, a concept, shape, color, texture. Visual strength can also be achieved using delicate layouts or materials.
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